Friday, October 9, 2009

Laparoscopy for Endometriosis

Laparoscopy for endometriosis

Women frequently ask themselves “when should I consider a laparoscopy for endometriosis?”

Endometriosis may cause either infertility or pelvic pain. Endometriosis is usually effectively treated by laparoscopy. In most cases, a larger incision with a laparotomy is not required for the thorough treatment of endometriosis, which is fortunate since these larger incisions require a long recovery time and more discomfort than the smaller laparoscopy incisions.

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that usually does not require overnight hospitalization, which uses a lighted metal tube (laparoscope) to enter the abdominal wall through a small incision near the belly button to examine the reproductive organs of the pelvis. Laparoscopy can examine the gynecological organs for various problems, including but not limited to endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and infections.

Surgical ablation (removal) of endometriosis and pelvic repair often dramatically improves a woman’s fertility and it can also reduce pelvic and lower back pain. For most effective results, an experienced fertility surgeon should perform laparoscopy for endometriosis.

Dr. Eric Daiter at The NJ Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, LLC has extensive experience in the treatment of endometriosis by laparoscopy and he would like to help you. For an appointment to discuss your treatment options with Dr. Daiter, please call the office at 908 226 0250. You can also visit Dr Daiter on the web at or

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